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Book of the Month January 2010 – Convergence Marketing

Convergence Marketing Convergence Marketing

Richard Rosen, John Wiley and Sons, 2009

You’ve probably heard it said that managers know that 50% of their advertising works – but they don’t know which 50%! If you are in marketing, PR or advertising, you need to read this book carefully from end to end. Whenyou have done that you might be able to tell much more accurately which percentage – and it could be more than 50%! – is working.

Richard Rosen is the founder, president and award-winning CEO of ROSEN, a global consultancy that specializes in transforming marketing and advertising campaigns into cost-effective business models. If you are having trouble persuading boss or client of the value of embarking on an ad campaign, here is where you will find the material in this book may provide the convincing clincher.

Rosen is practitioner with a proven track record which has been based on some models which he has developed for himself. In this quite small book – only 178 pages – he shares these models with you and gives you the opportunity to use them and become a top line professional.

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